Xmatrx® NANO is a robust system with minimal automation parts that maximize efficiency for automated in situ hybridization (ISH) processing. The Xmatrx® NANO is an All-in-One small-footprint system, that is economical, affordable and ideal for in situ hybridization applications.


For ISH applications, the user simply needs to load the slide(s), select application, pipette micro-reagents (Nucleic Acid Retrieval, pepsin, ISH probe, secondary antibody, polyHRP, chromogen, and  counter stain), and view the slides, thus reducing manual steps to only 6. The system pauses and alerts the user to manually pipette the micro-reagents for cost saving. Xmatrx® NANO is equipped with flexible open system software and therefore the user may use the reagents from other vendors.

Xmatrx® NANO Overview

Automation Washing, coverslipping, slide drying
Slide capacity 10 slides
Bulk reagent carboy & capacity 6 x 1 L
Waste container & capacity 1 x 4 L
Slide temperature range 25-105 °C
Configuration Table mounted
Protocols Open template
Operating temperature 15-30 °C
Operating humidity 15%-55% RH
Operating voltage 115/230 V AC, 60/50 Hz, 750 W
Dimensions (D/W/H) 20″ x 30″ x 15.7″
Weight 94 lb/43 Kg
  • Add micro-reagents manually to save cost
  • Automated oil sealing and coverslipping to avoid reagent evaporation
  • eXACT™ temperature control on every slide
  • Open system software – create, edit and save protocols for future use
  • Run 10 different protocols simultaneously
  • Touch panel PC as user interface*


Xmatrx® NANO Video