miRNA Probes

BioGenex has pioneered the development of miRNA research and diagnostics tools with leading-edge products. Currently, over 240 BioGenex ready-to-use (RTU) Super Sensitive™ Nucleic Acid (SSNA) miRNA ISH probes are available for accurate and early diagnosis of the tumor. These probes are sensitive enough to detect low-abundance miRNA(s), which is often required for biomarker discovery. They have a high melting temperature enabling stringent washes to remove non-specific binding. BioGenex miRNA probes are dual-end labeled with an anti-fluorophore to amplify the signal, and yielding a clean intense staining.

miRNA specific probes and in situ hybridization Kit, developed by BioGenex, allow rapid, sensitive detection of miRNAs with high specificity while preserving tissue morphology. Each kit includes easy-to-follow protocols and ready-to-use (RTU) reagents. Due to high sensitivity and specificity of the probes, hybridization kits can be used for either manual or high-throughput automated staining. BioGenex SSNA miRNA probes combined with the automated processing using Xmatrx® platforms greatly increases the reliability of the test results through the elimination of error-prone ISH procedure.


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