As a one-stop shop provider of molecular pathology workstations and reagents, BioGenex offer a comprehensive suite of ancillary products to support our customers. These high-quality products are aimed at accelerating the generation of reproducible and reliable tissue staining results.

  1. ISH Consumable kit for Automation
  2. Reagent vials and Accessories
  3. Microscope slides and coverslips
  4. Pipette tips

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1. ISH Consumable Kit for Automatiom

ISH Consumable Kit for Xmatrx Automation

BioGenex consumable kit contains all required plasticwares and glassslides that are required to carry out in situ hybridization protocol using the Xmatrx staining system.

Product 100 tests
ISH Consumable Kit XT144-YAD
2. Reagent Vials and Accessories

BioGenex ISH probes are supplied in 2 ml vials, that can be inserted in empty vial holders thus minimizing dead volume to <0.05 ml. The OptiMiser reagent vials (U.S. & Foreign Equivalent Patents Pending) are available for use on Xmatrx® Infinity (Research system).

Product 24/pack
OptiMiser Holder for 2 mL insert, (Xmatrx Infinity) XT126-24V
OptiMiser Reagent Vials, Brown, 20 mL XT101-24X
OptiMiser Reagent Vials, Translucent, 20 mL XT026-V24
OptiMiser Universal Vial Holders XT027-H24
OptiMiser Vial Caps XT022-CP
Reagent Vial Insert, 2 mL XT149-V24
3. Microscope slides and coverslips

OptiPlus Positive-Charged Microscope Slides provide a strong adhesive surface for tissues and cells to prevent tissue displacement during harsh pre-treatments such as enzymatic digestion and the microwave Antigen Retrieval method. These slides are ideal for automated systems. Additionally, each slide has a frosted end for easy labeling. The OptiPlus Positive-Charged Barrier Slides have all the advantages of our regular OptiPlus slides, but also contain hydrophobic barriers that allow the quantity of reagents per slide to be tailored to the size of the specimen. These slides eliminate reagent waste without the need to use a PAP pen, thereby reducing set-up time in manual assays as well as in automated systems. The permanent hydrophobic barriers are compatible with dewaxing solutions and other reagents. The slides are suitable for use with frozen tissue sections, formalin-fixed paraffin sections, and cytology preparations.

Product 1 Box 1 Case
Barrier Slides, 18 x 18 mm (72/box, 1440/case) XT128-SL XT128-CL
Barrier Slides, 18 x 18 mm, 2-Zone (72/box, 1440/case) XT114-SL XT114-CL
Barrier Slides, 25 x 25 mm (72/box, 1440/case) XT108-SL XT108-CL
Barrier Slides, 25 x 40 mm (72/box, 1440/case) XT134-SL XT134-CL
Coverslips, 18 x 18 mm (175/box, 1750/case) XT121-YBX XT121-XBK
Coverslips, 25 x 25 mm (90/box, 900/case) XT122-90X XT122-YQK
Coverslips, 25 x 40 mm (50/box, 500/case) XT118-50X XT118-YRK
Microscopic Slides XT002-SL XT002-CL
4. Pipette tips

BioGenex pipette tips are made of high-quality polypropylene and are RNase and heavy metal-free when untampered. Inner surface is extremely smooth and requires minimum wetting. 1 mL and 200 µL pipette tips are optimized for use on BioGenex Xmatrx® staining systems.

Product 1 Box 1 Case
Pipette Tips, 1 mL (192/box, 960/case) XT105-01X XT104-05X
Pipette Tips, 200 μL (960/box, 4800/case) XT146-01X XT145-05X